Texposter x2 (double price compared to plain paper of the same size)

Thanks to our Texposter, the transportation of your poster becomes much easier. The Texposter is being printed directly onto fabric. The poster can be folded without taking any damage and can be transported space-savingly in a trolley case or similar. Therefore no poster tube is needed anymore.

We recommend the following method to transport the poster as wrinkle-free as possible:
  1. Fold the poster lengthwise
  2. Wrap the once folded poster with the narrow side around a piece of clothing, a paper roll or similar.

In addition to the gain of convenience in transportation, the Texposter is also tougher than a standard poster. It cannot be torn apart and can be ironed in case of wrinkling:
  1. Iron on the back side
  2. Use the lowest temperature available
  3. Do not use steam

Maximum width of a Texposter: 90 cm
(A0 = 84,1cm. A0 is therefore working well)